After 20 years of hard construction, with the love of the highest quality, persistent in the quality of brand building; We in the noble doors and Windows road, the interpretation of Windows and Windows in the history of brilliant quality movement, the continuous flow of quality behind the insistence, is the continuation of the spirit of ingenuity...
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CHINA WONDROUS are a building materials company from Foshan, China. We mainly produce the different ceramic tiles for floor and wall, and the sanitary ware products for bathroom and kitchen with the accessories. Our ceramic factory have around 600 workers, 5 kilns and 10 production lines, which established in 1999, many world famous brand such as B&Q, Guocera, COTTO, RAK and so on OEM here. We have exported our products around the world over 20 years enjoy good quality and good reputation for huge worldwide projects. Now CHINA WONDROUS not only produce the different ceramic tiles, sanitary products, but also have the mosaic tiles and different doors and windows.

CHINA WONDROUS focus on the project decoration of the best solution.Wondrous door and window integrates the design, research and development, production, sales and after-sales service of doors and windows products. and has an independent design and research center in Guangdong to provide customers with all aspects of door and window system design.In order to ensure product quality, we have imported a large number of doors and windows production equipment from Germany, and have maintained good strategic cooperation with excellent raw material enterprises at home and abroad for a long time.
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What is laminated glass

Laminated glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass, sandwiced between a layer or multiple layers of organic polymer film, after a special high temperature prepressure (or vacuum) and high...

Does south and north choose aluminum alloy door window to have why to differ?

In the south, the climate is humid and humid, especially in the coastal areas. In addition to being wet and cold, there are typhoons and other climates. Northern area four seasons change is

Maintain aluminum alloy doors and Windows

The key to maintenance is to use properly at ordinary times, not rough use, especially sliding doors and Windows, easy to accumulate debris in the track, resulting in pushing and pulling difficult, th